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My Journey Creating This Website |Text Post

Welcome to my latest Blog Project. It is generally a recreation of my last blog website plus some improvements! I wanted to do this one mostly to see how easy (or hard) it would be put together a website that didn't require me to add anything new. The project itself was a breeze and did not requir . . .

Why I Use Next JS |Text Post

With so many frameworks and coding languages, I wanted to make a post about why I use NextJS over others, such as EJS, vanilla React or Angular. Well, I initially learned EJS, but I never liked its syntax to inject javascript into my code. It felt ugly. After I learned React, I really enjoyed its me . . .

Using GitHub |Text Post

Today, I pushed all my projects to GitHub. I know, I know... I should be using GitHub all the time anyways. I haven't truly dipped into those waters, as I've never had an issue with saving my projects locally. But I think it's important for people to be able to see the work that goes into building w . . .